03 May 1992 - 04 Sep 1992


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ljudska.prava.3 dejanr,
========== tojerry/hackers #1091, from wct, 5864 chars, Sat Jun 20 16:27:28 1992 Comment(s). ---------- TITLE: The case of Mr Coan Free Speech, hacker, or what, I don't know, but in some way this reminds me of the raid on Steve Jackson Games. From: <peacenet> Subject: Feds Violate Student's Rights From mblack Mon May 11 16:17:11 1992 From: Matt Black <lblack> Subject: LEGAL ALERT AND PRESS RELEASE Friends, this message is being sent to you on 5/11/92. You can call the numbers below or e-mail response to "mblack" on peacenet. If you can, we would appreciate this message being passed along, especially to media. The more exposure this gets, the harder it is for them to harass him. By the way, it isn't mentioned in the release itself, but all of Brian's computer files (on the campus mainframe) were copied by the feds, too. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Brian Coan (413) 597 2627 Stanley Cohen, Attnx. (212) 979 7572 - Mr. Coan's Attorney Matt Black (212) 925 7966 - NY press contact FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Student Activist Harassed By Federal Agents Williams College (Williams, MA) student Brian Coan was visited by Secret Service agents on Thursday, May 7th while Coan was at track practice. The agents offered to interview Coan, informing him that they were conducting an investigation of him; Coan reftsed. On Friday May 8th the agents returned with local police and served Coan a summons to appear in Federal District Court before a Federal Grand Jury on May 28 in Springfield, MA. Coan, a senior, has been involved in local and campus politics for all of his 4 years at Williams. He was twice a candidate for selectman. He has been involved with the campus anarchist group Autonome Forum and is associated with the national anarchist newspaper Love and Rage. In addition, Coan has been involved with the squatting movlent on New York's Lower East Side. Coan has stated that he has no idea why he is being harassed by the Federal Governlent. He cites a recent student march in response to the acquittal of the 4 white Los Angeles police officers whose videotaped beating of motorist Rodney King shocked the nation, as the only thing he can think of. On Monday, May 4 nearly 600 Williams students marched 23 miles from Williamstown,MA to Pittsfield, MA where they staged a peaceful demonstration at the Federal Building. Coan was one of a number of speakers over a period of 1 1/2 hours, but his speech was fiery. He defended the anger of the rebellion in LA, but he never mentioned President Bush at all. In addition, the history of the use of Federal Grand Juries against activists is long and ugly. Under Grand Jury rules, those subpoenaed are not allowed legal representation, the press is barred from the proceedings, and once on the stand, those testifying can be legally compelled to respond to questions on any subject, regardless of its relevance to the charges at hand, or face imprisonment on contempt charges. Thus, in the past activists have been forced to divulge otherwise private information about their friends, families, and political activities. For more information about Federal Grand Juries, call the Center for Constitutional Rights (212) 614 6464. Topic 243 NEWS:Victory Over Grand Jury Tyrann nyyfer justice.usa 8:50 pm Jun 4, 1992 (at From: (N.Y. Transfer) Subject: NEWS:Victory Over Grand Jury Tyr`nny Via The NY Transfer News Service - All the News That Doesn't Fit VICTORY OVER TYRANNY OF GRAND JURIES [NY Transfer News Editors' Note: Readers may recall earlier posts about Secret Service and FBI attempts to interview Brian Coan, a student at Williams College. Coan refused to talk to the agents, and was served with a grand jury subpoena, apparently in relation to some vague "threats" against our sterling President, he of the Halcion Daze. Coan also learned that his computer account at Williams had been raided by the feds. Here is an update. -- NY Transfer] From: cybernet!!92bmc Date: Fri, 29 May 92 18:39:30 -0400 a victory for the movement! at least, that's how we see it. I went to the federal court in springfield yesterday (we had a rally, etc..). the US attorney was clearly not pleased with all the attention the case was getting. so, before going in, he took me and my lawyer aside with 2 ss (secret service) guys and basically said: "look, just tell the agent the computer message was not intended as a threat and we can forgo all this." Hell no! As an activist, I refuse to speak to feds. So, i had to go before the grand jury, and as intended, i refused to answer their questions. at that point, they could have had a judge grant me (limited) 'immunity', thus taking away my 5th amendment right, in which case i would have been jailed since i still (for obvious political reasons) would have refused to answer questions. but...they didn't, so I walked out free! cool! So, it's probably over. the state will cut its losses (ie, embarassment at a situation which escalated into a discussion of the legitimacy of federal grand juries), and the anarchist movement has taken some important steps toward maturity. They could still force me to testify, and they could still try to bring an indict- ment...but i doubt it; they had no case at all. Essentially, i got subpoenaed because I dissed them and wouldn't speak to the federal agent...which is my right (and my duty as an activist). Anyway, thanx for your concern. that's the deal, in short. -brian Unfortunately I seem to be sending lower case x's for lower case y's intermittantly. Sorry about that. Bill Tyalor ========== tojerry/hackers #1092, from jdow, 58 chars, Sun Jun 21 00:45:16 1992 Comment to 1091. Comment(s). ---------- Er what was the message that had the Feds so upset? {@_@} ========== tojerry/hackers #1093, from wct, 195 chars, Sun Jun 21 01:07:14 1992 Comment to 1092. More refs to 1092. ---------- That wasn't immediatelx available. Unfortunately, once someone becomes a "cause", details on the actual offense get a little scarce and reporting gets one sided. Maybe I can scare it up later. ========== tojerry/hackers #1094, from moneysmith, 603 chars, Sun Jun 21 20:47:25 1992 Comment to 1092. More refs to 1092. ---------- The Secret Service and the FBI are required by law to investigate all death threats against the President of the United States. The legislation was put on the books after the assassination of JFK. The practice prior to that time was to make judgement calls as to which threats were from harmless cranks and morons and which were from cranks and morons who might actually kill someone. It isn't clear which category this Coan person fits, but the pronounced hyperventilated tone of the PeaceNet posting is a flashback to my college days in the 1960s. "I don't talk to no feds." Great stuff.